Call for Application #2023-NHV-C01 closed since March 14, 2023

Complex Human Ex Vivo Models of Tissue Inflammation

Call closed!

1 Group Leader (all genders)
2 Postdoctoral Researchers (all genders)
2 Research Assistants (all genders)

What we are looking for

The BioMed X Institute is establishing a new, fully funded research group at its new site in New Haven, Connecticut, USA, in the field of:

Complex Human Ex Vivo Models of Tissue Inflammation

If you hold a PhD or master’s degree with an outstanding track record or strong interest in the fields of tissue engineering and inflammation, we invite you to apply with a project proposal for a position in our new research group (1 group leader, 2 postdoctoral researchers, 2 research assistants).

Each BioMed X project team is sponsored by an industry partner. The sponsor of this call for application is AbbVie.

Our understanding of human disease biology is limited by the availability of relevant model systems, which encompass the complexity of diseased human tissues. There are currently no good ex vivo models available involving human immune cells migrating through an organotypic human tissue microenvironment and recapitulating inflammatory processes which naturally occur in human disease. Such models would allow for the generation of new insights into human disease biology, the identification and validation of new drug targets, and the development of new therapeutic concepts for the treatment of autoimmune conditions of the skin, large vessels, joints, and gastrointestinal tract.

To enable groundbreaking research in human tissue inflammation, we are looking for project proposals which focus on the development of a new tissue engineering platform to produce complex human ex vivo models from primary human cells and tissues. The tissue culture or organoid models should ideally include the following features:

  • Reproducible combination of multiple autologous tissue components - such as epithelial, connective, adipose, and muscle tissue - plus, organotypic extracellular matrix, intact endothelial barrier, immune cells, and innervation;
  • Immune cell trafficking, extravasation, and the interplay of recruited immune cells and tissue-resident cells (including immune cells);
  • Targeted genetic manipulation of individual cell types (knock-in/out/down), epigenetic modifications, and the ability to study metabolic regulation;
  • Long-term study (multi-week) of complex processes such as initiation, progression, and resolution of inflammation to further our understanding of autoimmune disease biology and therapeutic intervention.

Original ideas reaching far beyond the current state-of-the-art are particularly encouraged.

Group leader positions are intended to suit candidates with a PhD (or equivalent) in biotechnology, immunology or in a related area who would like to develop themselves towards a leadership career path either in academia or industry and have typically between four and eight years of relevant postdoctoral research experience.

Candidates for postdoctoral positions are expected to have completed a PhD or equivalent within the last four years and a certain degree of specialization in one or more relevant cutting-edge technologies.

What we offer

  • A position in a fully funded research group with an annual budget of 1.1 million USD. The funding package covers salaries, consumables, services, travel costs, overhead, as well as access to the core facilities on the campus of Yale University.
  • An initial term of three years, with the possibility of prolongation for up to two additional years.
  • An exciting research opportunity in a multidisciplinary and international research institution with a collegial and flexible working environment.
  • Participation in the BioMed X Boot Camp: learn how to build a compelling pitch presentation in only 5 days

There is flexibility over starting dates, but successful applicants are welcome to take up post starting July 1, 2023.

Application & Selection Process

  • Please apply online at
  • As part of the online application procedure, you will be asked to submit: (i) A competitive project proposal that gives us an idea of your scientific expertise and creative potential (3-5 pages describing your unique experimental approach); (ii) Your curriculum vitae including your publication record.
  • Deadline for applications: March 12, 2023.
  • After a first selection round, candidates will be invited to a five-day innovation boot camp in New Haven from May 15 to 19, 2023. With guidance of experienced mentors, candidates will jointly work on their project proposals and present them in front of a jury on the final day. Successful candidates will be offered a position at the new BioMed X Institute in New Haven.

About BioMed X

BioMed X is an independent research institute located on the campus of the University of Heidelberg in Germany, with a world-wide network of partner locations. Together with our partners, we identify big biomedical research challenges and provide creative solutions by combining global crowdsourcing with local incubation of the world’s brightest early-career research talents. Each of the highly diverse research teams at BioMed X has access to state-of-the-art research infrastructure and is continuously guided by experienced mentors from academia and industry. At BioMed X, we combine the best of two worlds – academia and industry – and enable breakthrough innovation by making biomedical research more efficient, more agile, and more fun.


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