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Opening for a Master’s Thesis in the Field of Bacterial Biofilms

Call closed!

What we are looking for

The Oral Biofilm Disruption team at BioMed X researches the molecular factors that contribute to the synthesis and degradation of polymeric substances during the natural life cycle of multispecies biofilms. We employ multidisciplinary approaches from fields such as microbial ecology, metabolomics, biochemistry and structural biology, with the final objective of discovering an array of novel small molecules that disrupt and inhibit pathogenic biofilms in the oral cavity.

Required skills

  • Strong background in one of the following fields: microbiology, molecular biology, metabolomics, protein science, structural biology, enzymology, or biochemistry.
  • Hands-on wet lab experience


To apply, please submit your curriculum vitae and a motivation letter for the attention of Dr. Balendu Avvaru via the online application system on this website. Please also indicate your preferred starting date.


BioMed X Institute

Im Neuenheimer Feld 515
69120 Heidelberg

Contact: Dr. Balendu Avvaru

Phone: +49 6221 4261154